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Why work with a business and mindset coach?

If you’re a female entrepreneur running your own business, you’ve more than likely met a few business coaches along the way. Perhaps at networking meetings? At online or in person events? On LinkedIn or other social media platforms? Investing in working with a business coach can be a great way to develop your strategy and achieve your business goals. Unfortunately, most business coaches tackle strategy in isolation, sharing huge amounts of tactics and actions but, all too often, they don’t address mindset and it’s our mindset that’s usually holding us back and stopping us from taking our business to the next level.

Mindset comes before strategy

If you don’t have the right mindset when it comes to tackling your business goals, you’re going to stumble at the very first hurdle. Mindset comes before strategy, but (truth bomb alert) you need both to succeed. Let me explain why

On one hand, without a meaningful strategy, you will struggle to make progress in your business and see any results from your work. And yet, on the other hand, all the strategy in the world is pretty useless if you have the wrong mindset. Simply put, your mindset is the foundation on which your strategy thrives. When you build the right mindset, you can accomplish amazing things in your business simply by taking small, inspired, actionable steps every day. Working with a coach that is able to tackle your business strategy and your mindset in unison, is always going to be a winning combination and that’s one of the things that makes working with me unique. You could just work with a business coach. You could just work with a mindset coach. But why? When you could have both?

My story

With a 25-year corporate career behind me, I’ve spent most of my working life leading other people’s businesses and developing processes and procedures where there were none. I’ve built and led teams of 100+ people and run multi-million-pound departments. Oh, and I also set up and grew my own business during a global pandemic! Add to this years of work on my own self-development, self-awareness and my professional coaching accreditations and that’s a pretty solid foundation. As a business and mindset coach, I work exclusively with women who are ready to take the next step and up level their business and their life. It’s what I love to do. It’s where my passion lies.

My aim as a business and mindset coach is not only to share what I have learned over the years, what I have applied and what’s worked for me but also to help women in business understand how their own mindset is blocking them and holding them back. Be it imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs or perfectionism (I’ve experienced them all btw!), I work with women to help them unlock their mindset and take the steps they need to help them smash their business goals. It really is the combination of tackling mindset alongside business strategy, that allows my clients to take their business to the next level. It’s a powerful combination. If you want to find out a bit more about me and my business journey, pop over to my About page.

How business and mindset coaching can help you

Working with a business and mindset coach can bring so many benefits to your business (and your life!), but one of the key positives is that it propels you to take the action you need to move your business forward. Working with a coach is a catalyst for change, it gives you the accountability you need to start tackling your goals and growing your business.

It’s true that no one loves your business as much as you do, but you can’t always see it objectively.

You’re too attached. You need an outsider looking in to help you nail your strategy and start you moving in the right direction. Our businesses are a vehicle to so many aspects of our lives. When we get things right in our business, the ripple effect it has on other areas of our lives is huge.

The vision we have for our lives starts to become a reality and the impact this has on those around us is hugely beneficial. The greater the impact we have in our business, the greater the income being generatedas one goes up, so does the other. Taking on a team to support your growth enables you to adjust your work life balance and spend more quality time with family, launching that new course you’ve been putting off will bring in more income and take some pressure off financially. The impact of working with a coach really can’t be underestimated.

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How coaching has helped me

Working with a business and mindset coach has been invaluable on my own journey, both personally and professionally. It’s enabled me to develop skills I didn’t have; it’s offered a fresh and objective perspective. I’ve been able to share my ideas and aspirations for my business and discover how I was going to achieve them. Working with a coach allowed me to plan and launch my own group programme and I was able to recoup my investment in just six months. Would I have launched without the support and guidance I received from my coach? I honestly don’t know! Possibly? I definitely wouldn’t have reached that milestone in my business as quickly or as successfully as I did, if I ever did at all. I’ve seen the positive impact working with a business and mindset coach has had on my own life and that has made me even more passionate about wanting to support my clients on their own business journeys.

The Next Level Mastermind

If you’re looking to up level your mindset and your business, take a look at my new group programme, the Next Level Mastermind, which is launching soon! The mastermind is all about supporting you as you scale your business and helping you become the business leader that you want to be. It’s a blend of mastermind style coaching, mentoring and 1:1 private coaching, all provided in an ambitious community of like-minded women. The wait list is now live and doors open in September. If you’d like to take a positive step towards moving your business forward, you can join the wait list today and you’ll be the first in line when the doors officially open. If you’ve got any questions about the programme, just drop me a message or book in for a free discovery call and let’s talk!

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