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Why mindset is more important than strategy when it comes to your business

When it comes to being a successful female business owner, it’s fair to say that strategy is an essential part of building and succeeding at business. We have a plan, we invest our time and money in training courses and workshops, we’re constantly striving to expand our knowledge and be the best that we can be in order to succeed.

Perhaps you believe you’ve done everything that you can possibly do to make your business a success and yet, somehow,  you’re still not making progress. Have you ever thought that it could be your mindset holding you back? Have you ever thought that mindset might actually be more important than strategy in your business?

If this resonates with you, you’re not alone. So many female business owners put pressure on themselves and work harder and harder to achieve success. But when you’re not making the progress that you’d like, it can feel frustrating and you might be asking yourself why you’re not where you want to be by now.

Why you might be feeling stuck

It’s great to have a clear strategy for your business and investing in building your knowledge through training, workshops and courses will certainly help to give you a solid foundation. 

What these don’t address though is the you part of the equation. You can have all the knowledge and training in the world but if your mindset isn’t in the right place to help you succeed, you’ll find yourself stuck when it comes to driving your business forward. 

American author and coach Tony Robbins expresses this perfectly when he says: ‘Success in life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics – what you do doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the right mindset.’ 

If your mindset isn’t exactly where you need it to be, eventually you’re going to find yourself hitting a ceiling point of what you can achieve in your business. Whatever’s holding you back, be it imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs or self-sabotage, if you don’t address it, you’ll never be able to take your business to the next level.

What can you do about it?

First of all, stop looking externally for answers. It’s not about investing in the next business training course or workshop; it’s about looking internally and addressing those issues within you that are holding you back. You can have all the training and knowledge in the world, but if your mindset isn’t in a place to allow you to implement what you’ve learned, you’ll never move forwards. 

Learning how to use the power of your mindset as a positive tool, rather than a weight around your neck (I’m talking fear, anxiety and self-doubt here) will impact every area of your life (and not just your business) in a positive way. The key to unlocking your success is developing a mindset that propels you forwards, not one that is holding you back.

How working with a Mindset Coach can help

The term mindset refers to the assumptions or a set of beliefs you have and how those determine how you think, feel and ultimately act act in certain situations.
The key to your success has a lot more to do with the way you think and not the number of hours you work, the things you do, the education and qualifications you have. It takes guts and courage to run a business. It’s not about the number of followers or likes you have on your socials either.
The potential for success is within all of us, it’s our inner voice that’s the key. As a coach I help women just like you hear that voice amongst all the doubts, fears and questions that you may have, questions like: ‘Am I good enough? Do I really have what it takes? Am I charging too much or too little?’

With the right support, you can shift your mindset and make it work for you rather than against you. I can help you to make the changes that will enable you to get more clients, earn more money and feel better about yourself. I can help you to reach your full potential and be proud of your achievements. 

So many women in business can’t make progress with their goals and dreams, not because they aren’t capable, but because of a cycle of negative repeating patterns that holds them back. That’s one of the reasons I’ve decided to launch The Successful Ladies’ Mindset Mastermind in September 2021. I want to show you how to master your mindset to help you become an unstoppable success both in business and in life.

What is The Mindset Mastermind?

The Mindset Mastermind is a 16-week programme in which you will learn to transform your mindset and unlock your potential. It’s all about facing up to what’s not working for you right now and taking action to make changes. You will learn to spot the thoughts and behaviours that are stopping you from achieving your goals and I will give you practical tips for how to break free from limiting beliefs and self-doubt when they strike. 

The programme will help you to develop and embrace new habits and routines that will propel you forward and enable you to become more confident and inspired to act. You will walk away from the Mindset Mastermind with clarity, self-belief, tools, tactics and resources to help you continue with your mindset journey once the programme is over. 

If you want to find out more about the Mindset Mastermind and how you can enrol, hop over to find out more here.

Why you need to invest in you

We don’t think twice about spending money on courses and training for our business, but we tend to be more hesitant when we’re investing in ourselves. For some reason we feel like we should be able to manage our emotions and mindset on our own, we see at as our own responsibility to ‘fix’. That really isn’t the case. 

Let me ask you this, what’s going to happen if you don’t invest in yourself? Will you be able to move forwards with your goals, ambitions and dreams? Or will you be stuck in the same old place, unable to move forwards? 
Investing in your mindset is just as, if not more, important than investing in your business. If you don’t get your mindset right, you’re just going to continue feeling stuck. Why wouldn’t you invest in you?

Want to chat about whether the Mindset Mastermind is right for you? I’m happy to discuss any questions that you might have about the Mastermind and whether I’m the right coach for you, book a complimentary 30-minute discovery call here! What are you waiting for?

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Working with a coach is a great way to really help you stop, take a moment and think about how you could be holding yourself back. Coaching helps you to define what you actually want and start the ball rolling the steps to achieve that.

And if this is your comeback month, why not join me in The Successful Ladies Mindset Mastermind. We’ll spend 16 weeks together working through my signature framework  you need to find your successful lady mindset so that you achieve the successes you dream of. 

Find out more here.

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