Ok yes I admit it, this is totally triggered by Covid-19, but actually it’s not just about that! 

What I see right now is that we are all thinking differently about a lot of things. There are no right and wrong answers for any of us right now.  We are considering our decisions, those we make, those we have made. We are considering the risks we take be they professional or personal, in a way we may not have previously.

Uncertainty is the most certain thing there is...

Confession – Mr B and I have been through our fair share of uncertainty in the last few years. And like so many that have experienced challenge, tragedy, uncertainty we started out with such intention: I’ll change, We’ll change, I’ll never forget what this has taught me, I’ve learned so much, life is precious, life is short, the whole works!

And we did learn, and we did make change … but we also slipped back on many things. We forgot. We blocked things out. And that’s ok, but I’m hoping we don’t this time. And I’m hoping you don’t either.

Many of you will, and possibly already have, experienced great uncertainty and or challenge in your life. But the number 1 difference this time is we are all going through this one. We may be at different stages, at different speeds, learning different things but we are on the same ride.

Uncertain times reveal reality, they test our resilience, our will and our very character. Uncertainty gives us a new level of awareness, it opens our eyes to things we may have been blinking and missing.

And now in all the uncertainty we have around us we have an opportunity to really think about how we act, how we behave, who we become as a result of this, what we do differently or even the same when we get out the other side … be cause we will. And it would be a crying shame to look back on this and utter the words ‘I wish I had’.

I’ve learned to 'Be realistic on what is achievable' Balancing 2 young children at home, running a business and dealing with the impact of COVID, my day is usually quite full. Some days just won't go to plan which is ok and its ok just to start fresh the next day with realistic goals. As a professional organiser, this also applies to my clients who have said they have tried to tackle large projects but totally underestimated how much work, especially on their own. So they have reset and tackled a smaller area to begin"


So I thought I’d share a few of my observations of what we seem to be discovering and could ‘choose’ to learn about ourselves in the midst of all of this uncertainty…

Not to take the good things for granted...

Most of us have more time than we are traditionally used to, whether that’s because there’s no commute or no work, we have an opportunity to stop and appreciate. 

We are learning the value of the resources we have because we can’t get more, the value of our relationships because we can’t be with the people we are so used to being with whenever we want to.

Technology has bridged the gap, enabled us to connect, in some cases reconnect with people we haven’t seen properly for ages … and many of us are asking ourselves why it took this to get us on a zoom call with our friend all those miles away, to speak to family more often than our busy diaries used to allow us? 

Shelley on the telephone smiling

To do more with less...

We’ve been forced to be resourceful! 

From small businesses pivoting their offers on line in a matter of days, families re-evaluating finances and priorities, to children playing in their gardens and adults taking up new hobbies to keep themselves busy and sane! 

Shops are closed, food supplies have been a challenge, the weekly shop has literally become our exciting outing of the week and there’s nowhere to take the kids to spend a fortune on culture and sweets! 

Families are playing together, home schooling has become a balance of reading, writing, baking and cleaning! We’re making meals with ingredients from the cupboard rather than processed, convenience ready meals …… the list goes on!

To accept change positively

Yes, this has been done to us, but after the initial shock, adrenaline rush, panic, craziness we are all starting to settle in to our groove and accept this is the way for now.

I see and hear more gratitude than ever. I hear people actively seeking the positive in situations as we realise that there is good to be found in all this darkness. We are seeing a new wave of ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’.

There is so much about this we cannot control, so it feels like we are simply taking control of what we can. Wouldn’t it be great if we came out the other side of this able to hold on to this? 

I think the main thing I’ve learnt is that in the past I have let fear stop me doing the things I want to go for, I don’t want any regrets. I’m going to come out of this more fearless, I think all the day to day worries and stresses will seem so insignificant in the future.

julia hayworth

Now this is controversial but in time of uncertainty we can also see who our real friends are...

There will be those who reach out and support you, who know you will need that friendly message, that zoom call and a glass of wine

But there will be those who can’t cope with what YOU need, they can only cope with what they need right now. There may be some who may judge you for your response and your behaviour because theirs is different.

You might need to make tough decisions about where you put your energies relationship wise right now 

Just try to remember you can only be responsible for you, and everyone is riding this ride in their own way. 

Now of course as a mindset Coach I can’t not talk about what might be going on in that mind of yours. 

In times of uncertainty listen to how you speak to yourself too.

Its highly likely right now you are spending more time with yourself than normal, or within your smaller family unit

Emotions will likely be higher than normal, more often than normal. Frustrations will come though. You may even be quite literally talking to yourself!

Hear what you are saying to you.

Are you congratulating yourself on getting through this day by day, on being resourceful, on being positive ?

Or are you berating yourself for losing it, telling yourself to get a grip? If you are …. STOP!  You are doing the best you can, we all are.

Tell that inner critic to do one! You don’t need to hear that voice of self doubt.  Go take a look in the mirror, give yourself a smile (or a grimace if that’s where it starts) and just say well done! 

Now take a moment and think about what you will look back on this time and say … don’t let it start with “I wish I’d”

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