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I get it, I have felt exactly the same over the last week or so …. How long has it even been I don’t know!

We can’t ‘sell’ our product or service right now. People are in financial turmoil, the worlds crumbling … it’s shameful. What the hell will people think? Vultures that’s what!

Is that some of what’s gone on for you over the last couple of weeks?

In fact, forget the word I’m not even saying anymore, was this going on for you already?

Shame & guilt around selling was a problem way before the C word, it just seems heightened now and yet we small business owners need to be able to sell more than ever. And that’s ok.  

So, let’s talk about it honestly

Shame and guilt are generally rooted in a belief that we are doing something wrong, morally or ethically and that we should be punished for it. Shame and guilt are pretty big emotions I can tell you. 

What’s really interesting is that whether you are actually doing anything wrong or not, is not actually what’s important. It’s your belief of the wrong doing that’s causing all your feelings.

Now remember I’m a Mindset Coach so I am resolute in my knowledge that our thoughts create our beliefs, which drive our actions which create our reality.

So how do we shift the thoughts we are having?

The thing is we ALL know what it’s like to be sold to right?  We also all know we are dealing with challenging times, probably the most challenging we’ve ever faced?

So let’s work through 2 parts:

1. The belief that you are doing something wrong 

2. My simple tips to shift your mindset and think about how you can sell & serve with confidence and without guilt

Where does the guilt or the shame or both really come from?  When you think about “Sales” what do you think about?

Does the very word conjure up images of sleazy car salesmen, or do you think about pleasant shopping experience’s? Do you remember a time in your childhood where a family member was scammed or ripped off, or do you have a wonderful story of a person or business that went out of their way to get you the best value, the best deal?

Erm I’m pretty sure I know where most of our mind’s go….

Sterotype car salesman

The thing is most of us know someone who has been ripped off. Most of us have grown up with images of sleazy salesmen, ‘Only Fools and Horses’ has got a lot to answer for people!

It, and shows like it, created beliefs without us even realising, funny yes but basically a couple of blokes buying and selling dodgy goods, trying to make a living, nothing ever really going right for them or anyone they sold to! Is it any wonder many of us think “sales” are bad? We think about selling being about us winning, or the salesman.

If they are the images we have ingrained in our minds, the thoughts we think, it’s no wonder we feel guilty selling at any time… let alone now 

So, I say ditch the SALES mindset. We need to create an anti-sales minds, in fact we need a ‘Serve’ mindset 

The Serve Mindset...

No, I haven’t gone mad. I think we need to have a completely different intention and goal in mind.  If you are going into sales thinking about how you need to earn this sale because you need that cash, then I urge you to flip that thinking.

That’s the result of … not the input. You and your product or your service are the input and you can’t have an output without an input. You need to approach selling & marketing with genuine intent to connect and converse, to understand your customers problems and whether you can in fact help them. 

I’m going to assume most of you know who your Ideal client / customer is? If not start there. 

Here are my Top tips to shifting your mindset in a ‘Serve’ Mindset and selling & marketing your business with confidence:

1. You need to have belief in yourself

Do you believe in your ability to create value for the people that buy from you?  This isn’t about the product – it’s about you!

Are you showing up and being you, are you authentic, do you behave with integrity?  If you do, high 5 yourself and keep doing it

If you don’t ask yourself why? Why are you being something you aren’t? People buy from people …. Its cheesy but it’s the truest thing we know in sales

2. Do you believe in what you sell?

Now it’s about the product or the service you offer. Do you believe in your product, your service?

Do you know that your product, your service will benefit those that buy it?

Would you buy your product, your service? 

3. Selling is about helping other people

Selling is the exchange of value.

At its absolute core selling is helping others to get a result that they could not get without your help, your product etc

Right now, people need your help more than ever. People are looking for experts, for new ways to be, to do, to find their new normal. If you can offer them that, surely it’s worse not to. 

Selling is serving others, if you are doing so with integrity and authenticity. If you know you and your product can solve their pain point right now.

Businesses are designed to sell. There isn’t a business that exists that doesn’t sell

Money is exchanged for value – it’s the way the world goes around and will always go round even if a little slower for a while. 

If there is shame in selling, then there are a lot of shameful people in the world – and there probably are! You don’t have to be one of those …. Remember Authenticity, Integrity, value adding. Be true to you 

4. Respect the No

You can only be responsible for your behaviour and your action. If someone does not want or need your product or service that’s ok. Don’t take it personally. 

Their no is theirs to own. It’s not about you. 

If you know that you believe in yourself, your product or service, that you are acting with authenticity and integrity and what you have to offer can make a difference to someone because it what’s they need right now then you have a responsibility to serve … confidently and guilt free

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