For ambitious women ready to master their mindset and take their business to the next level


You’ve worked hard and grown your business to a level you should be proud of.
So, why do you feel like you’re still a bit STUCK?

You know you have an amazing business.
The money is coming in. Your clients are happy.
But for some reason YOU still feel like you can’t quite get to that next level?
The one where you truly act like the CEO you WANT to be?

I know what you’re thinking:
You already have so much information to help you grow your business,
but you just can’t seem to find the time to make it
all happen.

Everyone else seems to be smashing it, growing their team,
growing their business even further and you
aren’t sure where youre going wrong.

It’s exhausting, frustrating and this is not how it was supposed to be!

As business owners we have to wear so many hats every day.
Idea generator, Accountant, Marketer, Chief Tea maker …. the list goes on

Because when you started your business, of course you had to do all the jobs,
we do what we have to do to make things work.

But there comes a time when you have to make a switch – and it’s not always an easy one. 

Eventually you have to move out of “I-do-everything” mode to “CEO” mode. 

Making the switch from solopreneur to CEO doesn’t have to be as intimidating as you think it is.
There’s lots we can do to nail the right mindset and even more to put the right foundations in
place to step up to that NEXT LEVEL.

Getting to the next level in business can be hard because

To truly be the CEO of your business, you have to think like a CEO.

Imagine overcoming those mindset blocks keeping you where you are and moving to that next level.
These blocks are different for all of us, may be you feel that you have to do it all, maybe you have money blocks, time is a challenge, boundaries, what boundaries … the list goes on.
It’s time to overcome these blocks and get to your next level!

Imagine doing this with a community of like-minded, driven, passionate business women.
Imagine leading your team with confidence as the visionary woman you truly are.
Imagine waking up every day clear on your business goals and the steps to make it happen.

This is where The Next Level Mastermind comes in :

I help women in business, get out of their heads, out of their own way
create a thriving business that supports the life they dream of.
I’ll help you learn practical strategies, rewire your  mindset, and
I’ll give you the accountability to make it stick…
so, let’s get started!


Hi, I’m Shelley.

Business and Mindset Coach for women ready to take the next step and get to the next level in their business AND their life.

With a 25 year corporate career behind me I’ve led other peoples business and now I lead my own. I’ve built and led teams of 100+ people, I’ve built process and procedure where there was none, I’ve led multimillion pound business departments

Oh and I set up and built my own business in a global pandemic

I am on a mission to share what I have learnt over the years, what I have applied, what’s worked, what hasn’t (so you don’t make the same mistakes!) and to show you how to step up from being the employee of your business to the entrepreneurial CEO you dream of and know will truly propel you.


Introducing The NEXT LEVEL Mastermind

A blend of mastermind style mindset coaching, business mentoring, 1:1 private coaching
an ambitious community of like
minded women

The NEXT LEVEL Mastermind will give you the
mentorship, guidance, support, and accountability
 to support you to scale your businesses, make more money and achieve 
sustainable results without compromising you, your time
and everything you set out to achieve for your life too

As you take your business to the next level, I’ll stand right beside you along the way.

I have helped so many women take actionable steps to level up their mindset, 
reach their business goals
positively impact their lives too



You are in the scaling phase of your business and need support taking things to the next level.

You have a solid business, are achieving consistent revenue and are working with clients that you LOVE…
but you still struggle with issues like impostor syndrome and poor boundaries.

You have an established business but are feeling unsure about what comes NEXT.

You’re ready to keep up the momentum you’ve built as your business has grown
but aren’t sure what that
actually looks like behind-the-scenes.

You dream of taking your business to the next level … revenue growth, team growth, self-growth
BUT feel like something is standing in your way.

You want to hire new team members to reduce your workload but aren’t sure if you’re ready to be the leader they need you to be.

You crave accountability and thrive in the presence of a supportive, like-minded community.

You want to wear your CEO hat in every aspect of your business … with confidence.

You’re ready for …
More freedom. More profit. More confidence. More traction.
More consistency.  More growth.


Each month we’ll focus on a specific mindset related element of levelling up as the CEO of your business and your life

Next level Goal Setting – The CEO Vision
Embracing Your CEO Role: Creating Habits That Support Your Goals
Alignment + Boundaries:  Creating A Business That Supports Your Lifestyle
Imposter Syndrome & how to Combat Limiting Beliefs
Money Mindset
Self Awareness & Leadership Development – including your own personal DISC personality profiling
Hiring, outsourcing and becoming the leader you would want to work with
Our Own Private Community
Your safe space to be 100% YOU

True leadership requires really understanding ourselves. It’s about fully realising our superpowers and shedding our fears and doubts. It’s an inside job


√ Feeling like an imposter?

√ Ready but not stepping forward?

√ Not getting the traction you know you can?



√ Step up for you and your business and skip ahead of the rest

√ Become the CEO I know you can be

√ Master your mindset and achieve all your goals

All in a safe,
supportive and thriving mastermind community


What people say about working with me

“I joined Shelley’s mastermind when I was close to burnout. I was making excuses about why, and wasn’t looking at the route of the problem. I constantly felt as though I was firefighting. Although it didn’t feel like the I could spare the time, and it was a big financial investment, I knew I had to make a change.

And it was the best decision I could have made.

Week by week I began to understand myself and the reasons why I had been on a continuous cycle and close to burnout for so long. I was both aware of why I was doing things, but also felt like I was finally equipped with the tools to stop the cycle and get back on the right track.

Being part of an amazing group of ladies working on themselves and their businesses, was both reassuring and inspirational, and although Shelley taught us life long techniques, it was being part of a group, and understanding how life challenges affect us all differently helped to really cement my change in mindset and my business has taken off even further in the process”


With her no-nonsense approach and her unique sprinkle of witty realism Shelley will challenge you and support you to succeed in absolute equal measure.  She is amazing at holding the mirror up – the good, bad and ugly, and providing easy to digest tools and techniques to really reset the mindset to tackle your individual goals and challenges.
Besides being an amazing coach, Shelley is highly professional, yet personable and ‘human’, you’ll never feel judged,
embarrassed or stupid.

If you’re sitting on the fence, get off immediately, Shelley has the keys to the toolbox to kick start all the things you need to take the next step of your journey to becoming the most amazing version of you imaginable!

Ayo Agunde


“Being part of Shelley’s mastermind has made me stop and take time to really think about what I want. Our sessions give me the chance to think honestly and actively reflect on myself. I’m learning how to dial down the noise that has told me that ‘I can’t’ or that ‘I shouldn’t’ and I can feel a confidence building in me that wasn’t there before.

My mindset is improving and I feel the fire in my belly to go out and get what I want after years of putting myself second”


“Shelley’s Mindset Mastermind is bloody brilliant!! She’s created a self space for women to share their struggles and their wins, while providing amazing guidance. It’s so comforting to know that I’m not alone and that I can change the stories and beliefs I’ve been holding onto that are stopping me from achieving my dreams. Shelley gives it to you straight, with no judgement, but with plenty of advice and support for moving forward in your life. Since starting the Mastermind I have taken massive steps in my business and I can’t wait to see where this momentum takes me!!”



Well lets start with by joining the mastermind you are already taking the first step of uplevelling by committing and investing in you. You will be joined by like minded business owners who are friendly, supportive, driven and all looking to grow their CEO mindset to grow their businesses and achieve their goals.

Over the course of the mastermind you will learn how to develop a CEO mindset as well as strategies and tactics to take your business to the next level.

I cant guarantee your results because that comes down to you and your implementation, but I can guarantee to support you every step of the way.

Clients who have worked me previously have taken huge steps in their business that they have not felt confident or equipped to take before, resulting in more impact and more income in their business.

I cannot guarantee your ROI, it depends on you. Mindset is a skill, I can teach you how to understand yours, I can teach you how to take different actions but you have to take the action.

I cannot set your goals for you or achieve them for you, but I will provide you with the tools, the training, the support to take action.


All of the weekly live action takes place on zoom and you will receive links to the recordings by email.

Workbooks, resources, templates and coaching exercises are available 24/7 in your Kajabi portal which you will have a unique username and password for when you sign up.

Guest expert sessions past and present are also available to you in the portal.

Live calls are weekly and last 60-90 minutes, you have lifetime access to your recorded calls but I encourage you to attend live to get the most benefit.

Implementation can vary depending on where you are at in your journey and lot of the work organically comes together however I encourage clients to schedule weekly review and reflect time.

All members of the mastermind get 3 private 1:1 coaching calls with Shelley.

To request additional 1:1 time with Shelley please contact us to look at additional sessions ( additional costs apply)

You can choose to pay either in full or 6 monthly payments at no additional cost. I want to make this as accessible as possible for you

"The secret of change is
to focus your energy not on fighting the old
but on building the new"

- socrates