The Successful Ladies Mindset Mastermind

helping successful women build a stronger mindset and get out of their own way once and for all

Are you ready to stop holding yourself back and step up and into the life you dream of?

The quickest way to get to where you want to is to understand why you’re not already there … and that lovely lady is all in your mind.

You had a vision for your life.
You’ve been working so hard, determined to do whatever it takes to succeed.
You’re putting in all the hours, you’re doing all the stuff,


You’re spreading yourself too thinly
The results aren’t coming as quickly as you want them to
It wasn’t supposed to be this hard
Your confidence is falling and so is your energy
You’re wondering if it’s actually bloody worth it
Something has to change.

And it starts with you!

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Shelley’s mastermind is bloody brilliant!
Since starting the Mastermind I have taken massive steps in my business and
I can’t wait to see where this momentum takes me!!

It has become the highlight of my week. I am noticing my thoughts and coping in ways I would not
have been able to before. And people around me are noticing the difference too
(not that I care too much about this but its nice to know!)

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success in life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. 
what you do doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the right mindset

Tony Robbins.

You dream of more but find yourself worrying that you just aren't cut out for this?

You’re not where you want to be and not where you planned to be by now?

You’ve invested time and money and not made the progress?

Your business just isn’t making you as happy as it was supposed to?

Wondering if you made a mistake? Wondering if it’s actually all worth it?

It doesn’t matter what your starting point is, if you want a different ending something needs to change

What if you don’t do anything?

What if everything stays as it is?

Where will you be in 6 months time?

Honestly, I was so close to burnout before the mastermind. it has turned my life around and now I have the balance I’ve been craving, needing for years.
I’m proud to have you as part of my tribe.
The mastermind is without doubt the best decision I’ve made in the last year


This is for you if

You’ve achieved success in your business or career but feel stuck as you try to take yourself to the next level

You have a vision for your life, but are holding yourself back through fear self doubt and probably a bit of self sabotage

You’ve invested time and money in courses and programs but you’re still not making progress

Ready to take responsibility for your success and do the mindset stuff that will get you where you want to be

Ready and willing to get uncomfortable and do what others wont to achieve your success

That’s what you’ll get in the Successful Ladies Mindset Mastermind

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the key to unlocking your success is developing a mindset that propels you forward, not the one that is holding you back

Shelley life coaching women

Say good bye to self doubt and frustration,
say hello to self belief and freedom.

So many women put so much pressure on themselves to success.
Working harder and harder telling themselves it will get easier when ….

You’re dressing the part, reading the books, following the people, downloading the courses, saying yes to everything for fear of missing out or worse yet letting others down.

It does not have to be this way.
I did this for 25 years in my corporate career, and then repeated the very same mistakes when I started my business.
I used to think that people like me don’t get to have more, don’t get to be more because people like me had to work hard and be happy with their lot.

But then I learned, that my mindset was in fact impacting everything I did, and not always in the right way!
I learned how to use the power of my mindset as a positive tool, rather than a weight around my neck.

This isn’t one of those typical masterminds where you learn strategies for business, marketing, career progression.

You already know what you need to do

The challenge right now is your mindset is stopping you doing them.
You don’t believe you can have your ‘more’
I’m here to say you can 

"You are never too old
to set a new goal
or dream a new dream"



You’re ready for more and the thought of actually up levelling your life sounds amazing but you’re scared, your holding back and you don’t know where to start to change

Enter me & the Successful Ladies Mindset Mastermind

I’ll bring awareness to what’s not working for you, what you need to change and how you can master your mindset to actually do, oh and then actually do it!

The key to your success has a lot more to do with the way you think than the number of hours you work, the things you do, the education and qualifications, its not the number of followers or likesOur success is all in us, its our inner voice that’s the key … the good one!

You just have trouble hearing it over the loudness of the doubts and the fears and the questions:

  • Am I good enough?
  • Am I charging too much? too little?
  • Can I really have that life?
  • Do I have what it takes to do this?
  • Can I really make the change I dream of?


And I can help you.

Shelley coach on the telephone

Right now, your mindset is working against you.

But with the right support and shifts, your mindset can work for you

You can make that change, you can get more clients, earn more money, work less hours, feel better,
show yourself for who you really are and be proud

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start taking action to master your mindset for even more success?

So many women don’t make progress on their goals, their dreams in life NOT because they aren’t capable but
because of fear, self doubt, mindset and a cycle of negative repeating patterns that don’t just hold them back,
but literally keep them stuck … accepting that this is their lot.

With the right mindset, ANYTHING is possible

And I’m here to support you every step of the way...

So what is the Successful Ladies Mindset Mastermind all about?



Clarity in what success even means to you.

Quieten the external and internal noise to gather a clear picture of what YOU want for YOUR life


Dare to imagine life as you wish it to be and the impact it will have

Facing up to what’s not working right now and what you’re ready to move on from 



Lift the lid on those self limiting beliefs once and for all 

Learn to spot the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back from achieving your goals


Say See Ya To Imposter Syndrome.

Learn tactics and practical ways to break free of the fears and the feelings of ‘not good enough’


Letting go of Self Sabotage and breaking free of our own destructive habits 



Develop and maintain healthy boundaries to keep moving forward

Master the art of saying no, and saying yes, when it’s right for you.


Develop and embrace new habits for your new way forward

Step in to your success with inspired and confident action every day 

NEW ADDITIONAL MODULE FOR 2022: Hows your money mindset?

8 Steps to transform your mindset and ultimately your life

A Quick Summary…..

16 weeks to master your mindset and feel ready for anything!

Dedicated support group and me in your back pocket via messenger for the duration

Everything you need to learn and understand to master your mindset once and for all

Opportunity to upgrade to VIP and roll in 1:1 coaching calls too

women thinking about what next

Get clear on your MOTIVATION

Master your MINDSET

Leap into incredible MOMENTUM

Meet your host

I’m Shelley, a Mindset & Confidence Coach for women. I’m dedicated to helping women rewire their mindset for success, so they can achieve their goals and live their next level life.

I believe the success of your life and your business can only go as far as your mindset can take it. And I absolutely believe you seriously deserve to put yourself first!

After coaching many incredible women, just like you,  I’ve seen first-hand that mindset work not only grows your business, increases your income but also helps you change your life and achieve your goals with confidence.

It changes who you are. Coaching unlocks the unshakeable self belief needed to be the woman I know you dream of

So yeah, this is the place to get excited about the big, shiny, awesome goals you have in your life. It’s also the place to become the woman you’re here to be in this world, building the life you and your loved ones deserve.

You know if you’re ready for the next level. Jump in.

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Isn’t it time to stop holding yourself back and make a leap with me?

You might be feeling overwhelmed right now, perhaps confused and maybe even totally unclear about the future and the choices you need to make? You just know you need to make some…

You will walk away from the Mindset Mastermind with  clarity, self belief, tools, tactics and resources for you to continue your mindset journey.

Imagine this …..

Waking up each day and believing that you do have what it takes to achieve your goals

Feeling excited and happy in your business.

Feeling full of confidence, enthusiasm even excitement and what you need to do to achieve your next level of growth  

Stop looking for the answers externally, they are inside you
You are so ready to step up and into your life

I’m going through a very complex stage of my life and it’s been hard to be clear on where to start in order to move ahead. Shelley is great in helping me look at things in a way that I am able to calmly and clearly identify the priorities and make a plan.

2020 Client

The Successful Ladies Mindset Mastermind

Its like your own LIVE ACTION personal development book!

Want to chat about if the Mindset Mastermind is right for you?

I’m happy to field any questions you may have about if the mastermind is right for you, how it all works and if I am the right coach for you! 

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Over the past few months, I have become flat with my business, crippled with imposter syndrome and a bit lost with where I was going. I felt I wasn’t staying in my own lane and spending a lot of time and money on courses to improve myself. Shelley took me right back to my why, why I started and the core essence of my vision, as I was talking, I could feel my passion being reignited. Shelley has reignited my passions of why I do what I do and helped me break down how I can get there.

Coaching Client

What are you waiting for?