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So once upon a time you had this brilliant idea for a business, and then you kinda went for it and all was good, and you were your own boss and people were so supportive, and so proud. And everyone kept saying ‘Ooh you’re so brave, I wish I had the guts to do what you do”

And then bam …. Something comes at you. Something doesn’t quite go according to plan. You discover a load of stuff you knew nothing about, costs are going up, you can’t fathom the dam tech and these ‘experts’ want a fortune to help you. 

Or I don’t know, a pandemic hits and the world around us changes beyond recognition!

And all you ever wanted to do was help people/ make beautiful things / take stunning photographs of people, share your talent and build the business and life you dream of. It wasn’t supposed to be this hard!

You get my drift right?

I know we are facing the greatest uncertainty of our time, and as entrepreneurs, people who had a dream to run a successful business who had the kahoonas to give it a go, this all feels a bit sh*@ doesn’t it?

Or maybe like me you’re actually starting to move in to the next phase of this Covid-19 Rollercoaster ride?

It’s in these tough times that our resilience and our mindset are truly tested and we have to dig REALLY deep.

I’ve always thought that a funny statement actually, I mean where are we digging and what for? 

Anyway, I digress, we’ve all been through uncertainty before in life. Many of us had a trigger of some sort to leap into this world of entrepreneurship. Whether you wanted more time with your children, less time in your car, balance, your sanity, whatever your trigger was we wanted more, something helped us realise there is more to life, we are meant to be, do or have more. And so we leapt.

‘MORE’ I love that word and I’m not afraid to say it and its knowing that more that keeps us going 

So back to digging deep! Where are we digging and what for? 

I’m sure it won’t surprise you that my answer is, yep it’s all about MINDSET! And yes I would say that … but hear me out! 

It’s time for us all to find that inner voice, the good one, that inner strength to keep going.

We’ve all heard the scary stats, 80% of new small businesses make it through first year but more than half fail within the first 5 years 

‘Apparently’ only 1 in 3 small business make it to the 10 year mark and live to tell the tale!

Well right now that stat could be a whole lot worse … and we are all feeling the worry. But worry will not get us through. So what will ?

Your mindset! That’s where it starts. Until you work that bit out quite frankly you’ll stay stuck. Running round in the circle of worry, overwhelm, woe is me, and doing nowt to make it better.

5 steps to getting your entrepreneurial mindset into the right place...

I know it needs a whole lot more than just making a couple of adjustments, this isn’t easy stuff to master, but you have to believe you can pull through, you have got to get deep into the recesses of your mind. You’ve got to know that this is what you are meant to do, it’s what you want to do, it taking you to where you want to be and for that you will keep going

You may have to adjust the course but you will get there

But, where do you start when the proverbial sh*@ is hitting the fan?  How do you get your mindset where it needs to be in order to be even able to make decisions that will move you forward…

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1. Get some Perspective

The only thing we are actually in control of is our own response to people and situations. 

So rather than OMFG, I can’t believe this, FFS and spiralling into the woe is me 

STOP, this is happening. We can’t stop it, we can’t change it, but we do have to get through it so

FACT: Ask yourself better questions and you will get better answers.

What can I learn from this?

What’s actually the most important thing right now?

How could I look at this?

What’s actually happening right now and how bad is it?

2. Do less and notice more

Stop racing around reacting and fretting, firefighting. 

Stop worrying about what has already happened and what might happen if. 

Be here in the present right now. Focus on today.

Set yourself small and impactful goals to achieve that will actually make a difference to where you want to be

Notice how much time you spend stuck in that OMG moment, then telling yourselves well that’s that, now this will happen?

How often do you create stories in your mind of an entire situation and how it will play out only to truthfully be so off course it’s ridiculous?

3. Ask for help

Don’t play the martyr. 

If you don’t ask you don’t get …. And if you do ask and you still don’t get, at least you asked and now you know!

Find your tribe. Find a support network that works for you. Seek out the right support for the problem you have right now and get some perspective, from someone else.

Don’t fear judgement. Asking for help is sign of strength not weakness

4. Celebrate Failure – FAIL = First Attempt In Learning

I talk about this all the time and believe me it’s one I work hard on all the time too!

Get out there and take more risk because failure can be a launchpad for change and trying something different rather than giving up.

You don’t know unless you try and so what if it doesn’t work at least you tried and maybe learnt

99% of what we fear never even happens anyway

So, whatever that thing is you keep wanting to do but have been putting off, or hiding from… Just do it! It’s not like you don’t have time! And besides you can’t go out so you don’t have to face anyone on the repercussions if you really don’t want to (just saying!)

5. Know your Why

Yes I know, that cheesy one had to come up somewhere didn’t it!

Successful people have goals and clarity of why that goal is important. 

Your brain needs to have focus on what it’s all for, in order to filter out all the stuff that’s not serving you, not relevant. It’s science people. The brain is filtering all the time, there’s just too much for it to deal with so it deletes, it generalises, it distorts, it focuses. 

Please give your poor brain a hand. Get clear on your Why and help your brain filter the right stuff out of your way. 

Goals keep you focused. Knowing why you have those goals and what you will get out of it keep us focused even in the tough times.

Be clear that goals and actions are very different, goals are about the vision you have of your life at a point in the future. Actions are the things you need to do to get there. 

everyone needs a life coach

And finally...

As we find ourselves in the most uncertain times of our generation, how resilient are you?

Will you weather the storm however rough it gets and keep going? Or will you stay on the hamster wheel of worry? 

Your choice ……. 

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