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Hey, I’m Shelley, your straight talking business and mindset coach for ambitious women. I have had the privilege of collaborating on some amazing podcasts and have been featured in some fabulous publications, having brilliant conversations on the transformative impact of mindset coaching .

I’m dedicated to empowering women to unlock their full potential and achieve their personal and business goals, so being able to showcase the power of coaching with a wider audience is something I am always keen to do! I am always open to hearing about potential collaborations, so please do get in touch if you are interested in interviewing, blogging, podcasting or another type of collaboration then let’s connect!

Female Business Coach


In this podcast I’m talking to Erica about how to break free from what holds you back so that you can live the life that allows you to pursue your dreams!

brainy moms podcast

Here I share how negative self-talk impacts how we approach challenges in life, and how we can learn to reframe our thoughts to create a mindset that moves us forward.

Powerful Inc podcast

This conversation with start up coach Mia Frankl was a brilliant opportunity to talk about my personal journey and the drivers for me starting my mindset coaching business.

focussed & fulfilled podcast

In this podcast I’m talking to Althea about limiting beliefs, and how my own journey of breaking free from limiting beliefs is something I use as inspiration to show my clients the art of the possible!

adhd womens wellbeing podcast

This conversation with Kate was a really powerful deep dive into how our belief systems can affect our ability to achieve anything. We explore what it means to be true to yourself so you can live your dream life.


In this episode of Founder Life with Cheryl & Dan I am talking about how your mindset is a powerful tool for propelling you forward and we explore how to get out of your own head to move forward with your life.

clarity to
launch podcast

Natanya and I have a brilliant conversation about the power of mindset in this episode of her podcast, where I got to introduce my 3 C’s process to help you get out of your own way and pursue those goals.

just for today podcast

In this episode with one of my amazing clients Steph Grainger, we look at the experiences that lead me to become a business coach. We also delve into the ways in which I  choose to thrive in all areas of my life!

The Natalie Potts podcast

Is imposter syndrome holding you back in life? If you have feelings of being a “fraud” and want to find out how to overcome the shackles of an imposter syndrome mindset then you need to listen to this…


happiful magazine

How to overcome lockdown regret…


Battling rude, difficult colleagues at work…

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