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WHY MIndset matters

It’s great, in fact crucial to have a clear strategy for your life, your business,
and investing in building your knowledge through training, workshops and
courses will certainly help to give you a solid foundation. 

What these don’t address though is the you part
of the equation.
You can have all the knowledge and training in the world but
if your mindset isn’t in the right place to help you succeed, you’ll find
yourself not moving forward, never actually doing the things you dream of,
not achieving the success you aspire to.

Eventually you find yourself stuck and frustrated. 
Maybe you already have?

Whatever’s holding you back, be it imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs or self-sabotage,
if you don’t address it, you’ll never be able to take your life to the next

That’s what we’ll do together, we’ll ELEVATE YOU x

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What we'll cover:

1. Step into the daydream

2. Identifying your belief system

3. Elevate your mindset

4. Take inspired actions



Backstage Q&A with me for 1 hour after the event. Your chance to ask me anything 

The recording of the entire training – you can listen back, refocus, and re inspire yourself anytime. the perfect addition to your self development library.

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Frustrated and stressed woman

Elevate you IS FOR YOU if...

  • You’re full of ideas but not getting anywhere – jumping back and forth and in between but not actually moving on any of them.
  • You’re filled with self doubt and are a master of talking yourself out of scary action.
  • You’re frustrated and overwhelmed – too many days are spend annoyed at yourself for not making progress.
  • You have dreams, aspirations for more but you fear others will laugh, put you down and quite frankly confirm your deepest fears so you keep quiet.
  • You’re busy as hell but often cant explain what you‘ve actually done.
  • You’re spinning all the plates, feel certain you’re about to drop the lot and just want someone to stop the madness and show you the way forward.
  • You know there has to be a better way and you’re ready to find it.

Hi I’m Shelley

I know what it feels like to be where you are now.
Frustrated, overwhelmed, doubting yourself but secretly knowing you want to do something differently – done with the fear.
When it comes to moving forward, realising you are totally normal and you CAN shift this, is absolutely crucial.
When I realised the power I was holding over myself in the wrong way with a completely under utilised mindset and a trolley load of BS beliefs my world changed. Slowly at first but it changed.

In the past 12 months I’ve pushed through fear, I’ve drawn on resilience and strength and I’ve achieved goals I barely dared to dream of before.

Today I’m still working on Elevating me but I have the tactics and strategies to do so every day and I want to share with you The story of how I got here and a Where I am going is still being written but I hold the pen

Are you ready to start writing yours?

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Elevate you banner

By the end of the day

You’ll know what you want, what’s holding you back and the first steps you can take.

You’ll see how you can embrace your strengths and your opportunities and own ‘you’ with pride

You’ll be motivated, inspired and full of belief that you can take your first steps of action

You’ll be ready to move forward with confidence