A great day, week, month or even a year starts with a great plan

Does yours?




Feeling disorganised and falling behind?

Procrastinating and getting distracted?

Overwhelmed with long to do lists and struggling to prioritise?

Stressed woman with a lot of to do
Organised woman at work




Productive and in control?

Calm and clear?

Excited, focused and on it?!?

So many of my clients tell me they feel like everything is getting on top of them and they are so disorganised

They want to get stuff done, personally and of course professionally but just can’t clear the decks to get back on track

Planning is the key to achieving anything

Ever heard that really annoying phrase piss poor planning promotes piss poor performance?

Hate to say it but its true.

But to get planning you need the right tools and so I have created a range of downloadable planners to help you get right back on track

What’s included:

Shelley Bosworth Goal Setting Planner


Shelley Bosworth Daily Weekly, Monthly Planner

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner

Shelley Bosworth To do List

To Do List

Shelley Bosworth Daily Journal

Daily Journal

Shelley Bosworth 30 Day Planner

30 + 90-Day Planner

Shelley Bosworth habit tracker

Habit Tracker

You will get access to all the downloadable files for life

This includes any updates, additions or changes, so you won’t miss out

We will update you if and when we make any updates or additions to the planner pack

Please note due to the nature of the instant access and download there are no refunds on this product.

  • coming soon social media planner, blog planning and more 


"You are never too old
to set a new goal
or dream a new dream"