Where Courage Meets Unapologetic Ambition…

A Membership For Ambitious Women

Let’s open this with a simple question: What action would you take if you knew nothing could go wrong? What would your life, and your business, look like? Are you smiling right now? Good. Now think about the steps you need to get there…. Is getting out of your own way one of them? Overcoming that niggling self doubt and fear of taking action? Do you know that you need to be more bold and courageous with your intentions? To stop saying sorry when any glimmer of success comes your way?

If you have said yes to one (or all) of these then you have found the right space. Let me introduce The She Is Courageous, The Collective, a unique membership designed to empower and inspire YOU. Where courage meets unapologetic ambition…

You’ve Got The Skills, And That Self-Belief Is In There Somewhere…

You know you have the technical credentials, you’ve spent years honing your skills and building experience. But when it comes to making bold decisions, something keeps stopping you. The fear of failure, the fear of judgement, and the fear of the unknown can be overwhelming.  If you’re ready to break free from this paralysis, transform your mindset, elevate your self-talk, and convey the ultimate confidence in your business decisions, then The She Is Courageous, The  Collective is the space you’ve been searching for.

Let’s Unlock That Authentically Brave Version Of You…

The She Is Courageous, The Collective is an empowering online community for female business owners, designed to boost confidence, foster bold decision-making, and provide unwavering support for your personal and professional growth. Led by me, International Mindset & Business Coach Shelley Bosworth, I have created this space for ambitious business owners like you, with three clear objectives at the heart of the culture:


Supporting you to feel empowered with showing up authentically as your best self… Embracing your true self with unwavering confidence and a commitment to growth.


Creating an environment with the framework and strategies to help you make bold, confident decisions unapologetically and without fear of judgement.


Providing you with a a community of women to connect with in a safe space, sharing support, experience and a desire for you to win as much as you want to.

Being Courageous Has Been THE catalyst to my success…

Unapologetically embracing courage has been pivotal in my success. I am so proud to have built a brand and a lifestyle that I refuse to apologise for – an international client base, incredible travel opportunities, the freedom to take time when I need it; these are the incredible highlights of my life and business. A business that I have built as a result of consistent investment into mindset coupled with taking intentional action. 

I fundamentally believe that we should never apologise for pursuing our dreams, and I am on a mission to build this community of women like you that are not ashamed to be ambitious, and give you a safe space to explore the art of the possible, creating the plan that will make those dreams a reality.

Moving across the world and establishing my business in a new environment taught me so many lessons, but none more so than the power of being unapologetically bold. I have had to get uncomfortable, I have had to dig deep and I have had to do some real mindset work to put me in the position of feeling confident enough to embrace the amazing opportunities I am creating here in the UAE. What you won’t get from me is the inauthentic picture that I am the finished article. We all need to continuously work on our mindset, our confidence and our exposure to new perspectives, and that is why I have built this membership…

Leading The She Is Courageous, The Collective, I empower women just like you to embrace their fears and take aligned action. It’s about helping you to make tough decisions with conviction and pushing through the discomfort to achieve your goals – all in the most supportive environment that is not going to overwhelm you, or pressure you with a one size fits all approach.

Why Join...

It’s not a blueprint type of membership, or a group programme badged as a community – so if you’re looking for a checklist for success or a funnel to find potential clients from then you’ll have to look elsewhere…

The She Is Courageous, The Collective isn’t just another membership group; it’s a carefully crafted ecosystem designed to nurture your ambitions. We focus on reducing overwhelm by providing structured guidance, practical resources, and a supportive network with simple sessions fixed into the schedule that you can easily commit to.

If you haven’t got an hour you can dedicate each week, then this might not be the space for you – and do you know what? That’s totally fine. It could be you’re not ready. It could be that life is just life-ing at the moment and that is more than ok. You can follow me on Instagram completely free and get mindset and strategy tips whenever you have time to consume them. But if you’re ready to give that one hour, then here’s why The She Is Courageous, The Collective is the perfect space for you:


Our Collective is designed to help you cultivate the courage to embrace opportunities head-on and make decisive actions that propel your business or career forward. No-one will tell you that your dreams are too big, or that you need to be more realistic. What we will do is challenge you with exploring, planning and most importantly taking the intentional action that will get you there. The only thing we wont let you do is be sorry for pursuing your ambition.


We provide a nurturing environment where you can be your true self, share your struggles, and celebrate your victories. Being authentic takes its own form of courage, in a world where social media promotes presenting a façade. We encourage you to be brave with showing up with your truth, so that you speak to your ideal clients and build an authentic brand. 

Continuous Development & Growth:

With targeted resources, open and inclusive group coaching alongside the most amazing and supportive network, you’ll have everything you need to keep growing and achieving your goals. Embracing fear, tackling challenges head on, and being daring with your decision making are core to the culture of the Collective, giving you the infrastructure for your version of success, whatever that may look like. 

the Feedback...

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for starting CMC it really has made such a difference to my life. I feel so supported and less alone in this wonderful journey called life, its really great to have a safe space to chat over things, help and be helped and cheer others on. I have a long way to go to achieve all the things I know I can and bit by bit I can see I am making progress. I am so grateful that you and the CMC are right there to support, encourage and cheer me on!”




Cancel Anytime.



Cancel Anytime.

Take the bold and ambitious step towards becoming a more confident and courageous business owner… Join The She Is Courageous, The Collective and be part of an online community that supports and inspires you…

The She Is Courageous, The Collective: Where Female Business Owners Thrive, Unapologetically…