1:1 Business & Mindset Coaching

I see you
I’m here for you
Together we’ll find YOUR way

Business and mindset coaching for women

I think you know what you want but you’re afraid to admit it.
Admitting it means you need to do something and that’s terrifying
Because what if you cant? What if you fail? What if you succeed?

Your confidence is shot right now
You’ve read the books, you listen to the podcasts, you’ve done all the courses
You watch everyone seeming to succeed, you’re wondering why it’s not happening for you?

You want to grow your business
You want more impact, more income, more freedom
You want a life and business that works for you.

But deep down, you know you are standing in your own way and you’re ready to take the next step
You’re ready to take back control, to step up, to step out of the comfort zone
And you know its not just about doing something different but its about becoming someone you dream of

And I’m ready to stand beside you

How would it feel to have:
More trust in yourself
Increased confidence and clarity
Tactics to manage overwhelm, imposter syndrome and those dam limiting beliefs

All along side:
Clarity on your next steps
A plan to reach your goals
Someone in your corner, on your side, walking beside you

Whatever success means to you, together we’ll make it a reality.
We’ll strengthen your mindset and shift you into massive momentum

Are you ready?

What to expect

  • 90 minute kick off call
  • 1 private coaching call per month
  • Ongoing 1-1 mentorship
  • Private direct messaging access
  • Complimentary Access to my membership The Courageous Me Collective and a vault of resources, tools and expert trainings

Working with Shelley has honestly been the more incredible experience and investment I could have made for me and my business. I am feeling so happy and confident and I have the tools at hand to guide me not to fall backwards again.
When thinking about your goals and objectives for next year I would encourage you all to think about your mindset and the life you want.



The Successful Ladies Mindset Mastermind

A 16 week mastermind for female entrepreneurs.

The perfect hybrid approach of group coaching & mentoring and 1:1 private coaching calls.

Knowledge and self awareness are the keys to mastering your mindset, you’ll get both and so much more in the mindset mastermind. 

Because with the right mindset you truly are capable of anything

Shelley thinking with laptop and notebooks
Shelley with a Mrs B mug

Half Day Intensive

Three focused hours working on you and your mindset so that you can step forward NOW on that new idea or exciting opportunity you want to embrace with confidence 

Pre session questionnaire
3 hours focused 1:1 mindset & strategy coaching 
30 min 1:1 accountability call within 2 weeks of the session