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If we haven't met before then hey!
I'm Shelley...

Human first … coach second. This is me!

I’m a wife, a sister, an auntie, a friend and a woman who wants to support ALL woman to feel confident in themselves and be all they want to be.

I know the realities of life and the toll they can take on you, and I decided to take back control and pursue a secret dream to make change in my life.

Now I get to help and support women do exactly that for their lives, reclaim control, rebuild confidence and believe in their secret dreams.

Married to Guy, we love travelling, good food, good wine, and being outside whenever possible, … our happy place is by the sea!

An ex corporate, accredited Life Coach I am so passionate about empowering women and helping you put yourself back on the list. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and your greatest challenger all in one so that you too can make the changes or take the actions you really want to make and take … guilt free and confidently.

Shelley life coaching women

Shelley is an incredible coach. I was sceptical and a bit nervous about opening up to someone about the blocks I have been experiencing that were limiting my confidence, but Shelley’s friendly, supportive and encouraging approach made me feel like I was getting a hug rather than a zoom session! Her systematic way of getting you to review your thought process and cut through is awesome – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!”


So how did I end up here?

Shelley coach on how to manage time

I spent 25 years climbing the corporate ladder and loved pretty much every minute! Big roles, leading large teams in a variety of different well known retail and hospitality businesses and life was pretty good.

Well, that’s certainly how it looked to everyone else

Nice house, nice car, lovely holidays …. But behind the scenes I was beginning to question things; long hours, high stress levels, no time for me, little time for hubby, living for holidays.

I wasn’t miserable, but I wasn’t fulfilled. 

And then I turned 40! A health scare, personal loss and whole lot of soul searching and the questions were getting louder.

And so, a new journey began, I made a choice that I wanted something more, announced my secret dream, committed to it and trained as a life coach.  It wasn’t all plain sailing. Training and holding down a high level corporate role, learning the reality of building a business, fearing I really was an old dog who couldn’t learn new tricks in a world that was changing at a speed I could barely keep up with!

But in 2019 I qualified and Shelley Bosworth Coaching was born … and what a ride it’s been. Has there been self doubt? Yes! Wobbles? Yes! Regrets? No. Learnings? Hell yeah.  Love it? More than I can ever put into words

Now it’s my mission to empower women to see they can make choices too, they can make changes if they wish to.

I’m not suggesting everyone leaves their jobs! That was my path. But I do believe we can choose us, we can listen to and choose our wants and needs.  We can find our path. WE can find our lost confidence, we can believe in ourselves, we can believe in our dreams, we can achieve our dreams.We can be our best selves. 


You’re ambitious and determined but stuck.

Are you ready to reclaim control of YOUR life, your business? Ready to find the balance, kick self doubt to the kerb and believe in yourself again?

Ready to be empowered

No more battling Imposter syndrome and self doubt.

You want to charge your worth, you want to increase your self confidence and you are going to achieve the life you have been dreaming of.

I’m straight talking, challenging and have an annoying ability to always be able to find the silver lining in a situation, so if this resonates with you lets chat

Shelley coach happy in the garden office


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