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6 ways to build your confidence in business

Building your confidence in business is an essential part of helping your brand to grow. But it isn’t always easy. It can be scary putting yourself outside your comfort zone and pushing forward when you need to. Many of us miss opportunities as our confidence holds us back. Whether it’s having the confidence to get visible by doing speaking events, running workshops, going live on socials, or taking steps to grow by hiring staff, launching new products and investing in training, not having the confidence to move your business forward is going to hold it back. Fact. But … (truth bomb alert!) none of us are 100% confident all of the time. None of us. And there are steps you can take to improve your own confidence and start growing your business.

1. Be clear why you do what you do

Go back to basics and think about why you started your business. What is the end goal? What is all this for? Perhaps you wanted to have more flexibility, more control over your future, to follow your passion or advance your career more quickly? Spending time revisiting your ‘why’ can really help to motivate you and inspire you to take action. It’s worth writing down your why and putting it somewhere visible so that you can refer back to it when you need a bit of extra motivation.

2. Fail forward

Failure doesn’t have to be a bad thing, far from it. Failing means you tried and surely that’s a positive? So, push yourself out of your comfort zone, give things a go, even when you’re feeling uncomfortable, and learn to embrace failure! You’ll likely find you won’t fail as badly as you expected and your confidence will grow. We’re great at talking ourselves out of all sorts of stuff by saying things like, ‘no one’s buying right now’ or ‘there’s too much competition out there’ but don’t let negative self-talk stop you.

3. Stop trying to do it all

One of the biggest mistakes I see female entrepreneurs making is trying to do everything in their business when they’re not an expert in all areas. If you’re a life coach like me, it’s a big ask to also build your own website, DIY your copy and graphics, manage your accounts and post your own social content. I’m not an accountant, graphic designer, social media expert or copywriter. I appreciate that budgets may be tight when you first launch your business but, as soon as you have the funds to start outsourcing the areas you’re not an expert in, do it! Outsourcing what you’re not good at will help to build your confidence and give you the time to focus on your strengths and grow your business.

4. Celebrate success

This may sound like a simple one, but it’s something we often forget to do. Take time to acknowledge achievements, both big and small, and celebrate your wins. Do this in a way that works for you, whether that’s taking time at the end of the week to reflect on what’s gone well or marking those achievements as and when they occur. I’m not just talking about the big stuff here either. It doesn’t have to be signing a new client or landing a huge contract. It could be something as simple as attending your first networking meeting or regularly posting to social media. Give yourself that pat on the back, have that glass of fizz or bar of chocolate, and share your wins with others, whether that’s friends and family or your audience on socials. Don’t forget to celebrate your failures too. What was it I said earlier? Failing means you tried and that’s something to be celebrated.

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5. Notice the comparison spiral

Be wary of comparing yourself with others. It’s something we all do (me included!) and it’s easy to find yourself scrolling through social media looking at everyone else’s success and thinking that you don’t measure up. Remember, social media only shows us what others want us to see. People only tend to post the good stuff, it’s not a true picture and doesn’t reflect what might be going on behind the scenes. Start by simply having the self-awareness to recognise what you’re doing and that it’s not helpful. The only true comparison is with yourself. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, have a read of my previous blog on a related subject, Can I overcome imposter syndrome?

6. Get yourself a coach

Having someone in your corner that holds space for you and can see what you can’t is invaluable in business. Working with a coach will help you to identify your business goals and the steps you need to navigate to get you there. They’ll highlight your achievements and help you see just how far you’ve come. If you’d like to know more about what to look for in a coach, have a read of my previous blog post, How do I find the right coach for me?

If working with a coach is something that you’ve been considering, let’s talk! I offer a free, no-obligation discovery call, so take that first step today and get yourself booked in. I’d love to hear from you and help support you on your business journey in 2023.

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