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5 Tips to help kick-start your motivation in 2022

Whilst it might be true that we don’t need a new year to make a new start or set new goals, January is traditionally the month that many of us take the time to reset and reframe our goals for the year ahead, me included. Goal setting for an entire year can seem overwhelming and, if you’re feeling as though your motivation has deserted you, you’re not alone. January can be a long month.

We’re living through the grey days of winter with limited daylight and those hazy days of summer still feel a long way off. Maybe you’ve been taking part in Dry January or starting a new healthy eating regime and you’re feeling a little deprived and lacking in motivation?
I’m here to remind you that we’ve got a lot to look forward to as we start the year, we’re heading out of the pandemic and life is moving towards something resembling ‘normal’ again. There’s a definite sense of hope and possibility in the air, so let’s embrace that. 
If you’re feeling as though your motivation for 2022 has already left the building, let me give you some pointers to help give it a boost.

Focus on what's in front of you

Try looking forwards, not back. Forget about everything that’s happened in the last two years and put it all behind you. It’s done. Leave it where it’s meant to be, in the past. Finding our motivation is all about looking forwards to the future but remember that you have the power to choose just how far forward you want to look. Dividing the year up into quarters can be a good starting point. If thinking about the year as a whole seems too much to deal with, just focus on the first quarter.
What do you want to achieve by the end of March? Where do you want to start?

Take some action

Having a big vision for the future is great but try not to get overwhelmed by it. Setting goals and targets for an entire year can seem like a lot. I get it. If you’re finding this is the case, start small. Set yourself some small, achievable, short-term goals and make a start on them. I can guarantee that taking action, doing something that is a step towards those goals is a powerful thing. When you’re feeling stuck and lacking in motivation, taking action can really help you to find your mojo again.

As Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck puts it: ‘Action isn’t just the effect of motivation, but also the cause of it’. Just sit with that thought for a minute. Most of us only take action when we’re feeling motivated or inspired. When we take action, we automatically feel pleased by the progress that we’re making towards achieving our goals and that in turn makes us feel more motivated. It’s a cyclical process.
If we start taking action, even when we’re not really feeling motivated or inclined to, that action in itself will leave us feeling more motivated! Taking action also enables us to regain control and that is something we’re all in need of after feeling so out of control during the pandemic.

Reward yourself

We all need a little treat to keep our motivation levels up, so think about what works for you and build that into your daily schedule. A reward doesn’t have to be something lavish like a new pair of shoes or a bottle of champagne (although obviously that would be lovely!). I’m talking about small, everyday things that we can incorporate routinely into our working lives. It might be that once you’ve spent two hours working on your website, liaising with clients or finishing off your email list, you reward yourself with a cuppa and a few chocolate biscuits, or you head out for a run/walk, catch up with a friend or watch something on TV. Think about what a reward looks like to you and treat yourself.

Just do you

Forget about what everyone around you is doing and focus on yourself. Try and shut out the noise on social media from people who are shouting about their ‘overnight’ success/the way they’re smashing their goals/achieving their dreams/totally bossing it. It’s not helpful to compare yourself with others in this way and it just serves to distract you from your own goals. Remember, everyone on social media is only sharing the best version of themselves and their business and you’re not seeing all the frustrations and disappointments that go on behind the scenes. At the risk of sounding like one of the cast of TOWIE, ‘just do you, hun.’

Find your tribe

Surrounding yourself with the right people can be so powerful when it comes to keeping your motivation and positivity levels up. Think about the people you’re surrounding yourself with and spending time around. Are they motivated too? Are they helping to increase your sense of positivity? If not, you may find their pessimism and lack of motivation is rubbing off on you and having a negative impact. I’m not talking about cutting people out here but rather thinking carefully about who you are allowing in. If you’re part of any networking or member only groups, it’s worth thinking about whether they’re really the right fit for you. Are they giving you the right encouragement and helping to increase your motivation and confidence?

If not, it might be time to explore some other options and see what else is out there. Believe me, when you find your tribe, you’ll know it. Think about the kind of business and lifestyle books you’re currently reading. Are they motivating you and helping you tackle your goals for the year? If not, do a bit of research and expand your reading lists. You might want to have a read of my blog post from last month too: My Top 5 Self-Development Books To Read In 2022

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