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Hi, I'm Shelley!

I’m a Business and Mindset Coach on a mission to empower and inspire women just like you to take control of their mindset and achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re a female founder running your own business or you’re working hard in your corporate role to build a successful career, working with a Business and Mindset Coach can help you to tackle the obstacles that are holding you back and inspire you to take action.

Being a successful woman in business is about more than just growing your business expertise and knowledge. It’s the combination of strategy and mindset that’s the real game changer. Having worked in the corporate world for over 25 years, my experience of leading large teams and setting ambitious goals has given me a huge amount of business strategy knowledge. It has also led me to realise that it’s only when you tackle your mindset alongside your business goals, that you can truly start to unlock your potential. Only then do you become unstoppable. If you’re not sure what to expect from working with Coach, book a complimentary discovery call today and let’s talk.

Working with a Business and Mindset Coach can help you to line up all the elements in your life that are currently holding you back and stopping you from achieving more. Whether you’re plagued by self-doubt, imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs or perfectionism, I can help you to get absolute clarity on your goals and work with you on an actionable plan that will enable you to reach them with confidence and success. If you’d like to find out more about me and the way I work, hop over and take a look at the About Shelley page.

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Working with a Business and Mindset Coach is like having a best friend in your back pocket!
I’ll listen, I’ll support and I’ll challenge and give you the nudge you need.  
I’ll help you move forward without needing anything back in return. 

  • If you need someone to listen right now, I’m here
  • If you need someone to help you work out exactly what it is you want, I’ll help you find clarity
  • If you need help working out what steps to take, I’ll support you
  • If you need help unlocking your self-confidence to achieve your goals, I’ll be your cheerleader
  • If you want to take your business and your life to the next level, I’m your woman!

My coaching style is open, friendly and direct. I’ll ask the tough questions, I’ll challenge you, I’ll get you thinking differently. I’ll ask you to do things that might scare the life out of you, make you feel panicky and like it’s all too damn hard, but (and this is the key) that’s the exact same stuff that will excite and inspire you and drive you to take action.


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I've been where you are now...

Just a few years ago I was where you are nowI was worried I couldn’t make those big changes and I felt as though I didn’t deserve the opportunity. I knew I wanted more, but I wasn’t sure how coaching could help. I didn’t know where to start.

Fast forward and here I am running my business, clear on my goals and then realising as I stepped up to a whole new level I needed a whole new level of thinking and belief … oh as well as a ton of support with strategy!

Once I found the courage to take that first step, there was no stopping me and now I want to help you move forward too.
I want to help you discover the confidence to step up and achieve those goals you’ve been dreaming of.

I want to help you fathom out your strategy, achieve your vision for your life and your business and have absolute belief you can get there.

Whether you have worked with a coach before or not, let’s chat, see if we click and I can tell you more about what I can do to help you realise your goals in business and in life.

I came away feeling invincible!

“Shelley is straight talking, whilst being enthusiastic and friendly. She helps you define what you want and need, and then helps you work out how to achieve it! I came away feeling invincible! If I could I’d book in with Shelley every morning!”

Victoria Leigh


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Let’s talk! We can cover anything you likewhether coaching is the right choice for you, what working with a coach involves and we can spend time getting to know each other to see if I’m the right coach for you.

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