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are you Ready to strengthen your mindset and smash your goals in life and business?

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Hi, I'm Shelley!

I’m on a mission to empower and inspire women just like you, who have realised they want ‘more’ to believe that they can be, do or have that ‘more’, guilt free and confidently, and to take action to achieve it.

I am on a mission to help you master the key to your success; your mindset.

My special power is helping women break through the fears and the self limiting beliefs that are holding them back from ‘success’ in their life and, or their business.

You know what you need to do but you procrastinate and self sabotage
You give yourself a hard time because no matter what you do , you always think you should, do more?
You’ve invested in so many programs and yet you just aren’t making progress?

Thats because you need to work on YOU too

I want you to give yourself permission to go for your dreams
I want you to feel confident to charge your worth
I want you to find enjoyment in your life and business again
I want you to get rid of self doubt and that  feeling of not good enough 
I want you to learn to deal with those limiting beliefs, the self sabotage and that bloody imposter feeling

I want you to find YOU and feel EXCITED about life again!

I want you to find your ‘more’

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The Mastermind

for successful women

that will help you build

a stronger mindset

and massive momentum

in life and business

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I've been where you are now...

Just 3 years ago I was where you are. I was certain I wasn’t capable of change that big and that I didn’t deserve the opportunity.

I knew I wanted more, and I didn’t know where to start.

But then I learnt how my mindset was impacting everything I did. More than that I learned how to understand the power of my mindset and how to use it as a positive tool, rather than a weight around my neck.

So, whether you have worked with a life coach or not it doesn’t matter, lets chat and see if we click and how I can help you.

I won’t promise you overnight success, I will promise you will learn, you will grow and you will move forward with confidence, with clarity and with massive momentum 

how we can work together

I came away feeling invincible!

“Shelley is straight talking, whilst being enthusiastic and friendly. She helps you define what you want and need, and then helps you work out how to achieve it! I came away feeling invincible! If I could I’d book in with Shelley every morning!”

Victoria Leigh


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Let’s have a chat, we can cover anything you like, from whether coaching is right for you at this time, to just getting to know each other to see if we’d be a good match to work together.

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